10 Interesting Health Blogs You Should Read

I just love how the influx of technology has transitioned the world. Your kid or even you would slip your leg and the internet would be in handy with first aid tips before you find your doctor in the wee hours of the night. 

Interestingly, there are a number of blogs that have now joined the online space and you would find a doctor near you, do a health check while in the matatu and read a health update that has just been posted. 

before visiting a hospital, at the moment we have the freedom to counter check online and read reviews posted by these bloggers to enable you to find the best facility with a value for your money.  

Below are some of the health blogs you can visit:


From detox to fitness E-books, outdoor boot camp sessions, weight training, Jane Mukami is a passionate fitness blogger and trainer.

Her journey started off as self-medication from weight gain which afterwards blossomed into a health and fitness brand. 

The brand now sought after women who are struggling with weight gain and to give women hope by letting them know that losing weight and transforming their bodies as possible and that they could achieve their #bodygoals #dreambodies through willingness and commitment.  

Health Kenya

Tabitha Mwangi is a is a freelance journalist who writes opinions about public health issues troubling her country, she also writes on research findings on matters that affect health. 

Through her dedicated writing, health Kenya was voted public health blogger of the year 2017 and 2018 and nominated in 2019 as a health blogger by BAKE. 


Kepha is a nutrition consultant and writer. He writes on nutritional health and wellness.

His blog primarily focuses on finding out the underlying factors affecting human health and identify ways in which our current lifestyles affect our health.

He writes compelling stories that to aims at helping people reach their health goals such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, improving sleep patterns, and maximizing energy levels

Kalekye Health 

Kalekye health blog is a health and fitness blog, founded by the award-winning journalist Kalekye Kasina. She is passionate about writing and creating awareness of a healthy lifestyle. 

Her blog ponders on general health, fitness prescription, medicine, nutrition, personal development, diseases prevention along with other personal content revolving around health. She has also won the health blog of the year in 2018 and 2019 simultaneously. 

Fitness Foodie 

Ms Musavi is a fitness blogger who is also passionate about food or simply a fitness foodie, quite a funny title for someone doing weightless right? 

She describes her blog as her tiny little space where she blogs about fitness and shares healthy and super delicious recipes for her and her fellow foodies who have interest in losing weight, to working out, eating healthy and being just happy.  If that describes you, child.. you are home!


Tizi Talks is a wellness platform that promotes a culture of enjoyable healthy living and empowerment through fitness. Through their weekly newsletters that are divided into fitness, self-care, nutrition trends, interviews and travel, Tizi inspires its readers to lead a healthy lifestyle because the key to happiness and success lies in wellness.

Healthier Kenya 

Healthier Kenya is a platform with a goal to create public health awareness for community betterment. The blog aims to inspire healthier communities through educating the community on disease prevention, disease control and health promotion.

Healthier Kenya is dedicated to bridging the knowledge gap in the communities in order to achieve the goal of a healthier nation together. 


Doreen Oyunge is a medical practitioner with a passion to write.

In her free time, Doreen blogs about everything that involves health matters worldwide across childcare, mental health, parenting, women and health.

She shares insights on health matters, specialist doctors, health care workers & health activists. 

Stephanie Mwaura

Fitness to Stephanie was born out of her love for hiking, cycling, walking, lifting weights and running. On her blog, she shares all kinds for wellness records from factual pieces on fitness and nutrition, opinion pieces. 

Lucy Muturi

Lucy Muturi can be easier summed up as a coat with many pieces. Besides being a Human Resource consultant, she is also an entrepreneur, a model, fitness and nutrition expert and a blogger.

She created a blog to help others overcome weight gain out of her past experiences having battled with since she was a teenager which decamped her confidence.

In the blog, she shares natural and science-based information alongside body-positive inspiration where women get fun exercise routines and healthy recipes. 

Have we left out your favourite blog?  Tag them in the comments section we’ll note them down.