Creativity in its sense is the ability to came up with something or exist in a different shape or form. Well, it’s the dictionary version. In recent years, creativity has increased with many blogs, trying to outdo each other in an effort to grow themselves.

Writing, more so creative writing has become very popular among Kenyan bloggers. This has enabled more interactions between bloggers of the same niche and the emergence of blog buddies. Blog buddies may be other bloggers or followers who vehemently read your blog and comment on it.

When I started reading Kenyan blogs, specifically creative blogs, I realized that we Kenyans don’t give ourselves enough credit. There are many writers out there that will make your head spin and make you bite your nails in anticipation. The kind of stories that make you stay up all night reading. These are some of the creative blogs I have enjoyed this year.

This writer captures moments and emotions in such a way that you can hear them, feel them and see them. He is also a photographer, which explains how he explains things in such detail as he sees them; well, because he does.

Landi, or the wordsmith as he is popularly known is just that, a master of words. He captures your attention from the get-go with his witty remarks and sarcasm. He is one of those people whose stories and life experiences end up making your day. You find yourself laughing, mostly to yourself, and then show it to your colleague, who also laughs too. From his writing, one can tell he is a cheeky and happy person.

Ian describes his love for Doris as infinite and from his letters, one can tell. He is funny and captivating. His stories leave a permanent image in your head. He writes about what guys go through in their day to day life making it more applicable to you.

If there is one blogger that can set conversations online, that’s Mark Maish. His best to date, perception vs reality helped highlight the troubles Kenyans face in the job market vis a vis the courses they learned in school. It was a very eye-opening conversation.

Lubnar’s stories revolve around her coastal heritage, the misconceptions and just life in general. Her stories give readers perspective on issues that are typically stereotyped or ignored. Most of her characters are centered around women, and how they navigate their day to day life.

Kisauti describes his words like a little black dress. A little black dress is timeless. When we think of timeless pieces of a wardrobe, we usually think Simple. Elegant. Looks good on just about anyone. His words are just that.

He writes poetry like no other. They call to the deepest emotions and feelings. Azizmola’s poetic pieces don’t just move you, they make you wonder, they make you curious, they make you want to love poetry too.

Everyone admires Biko. Most bloggers what to be him, and for a reason. He is spot on, whether he is writing about brands or the everyday experiences that one can relate to. He finds a captivating story where you would normally not look because to him, everything is a story.

When you read this writer’s posts, one can immediately tell how passionate he is about his subjects. He sometimes, criticizes, but in a good way. If you’re not used to his tone or writing voice, you are bound to be offended, but this is what makes him a good writer. He critiques and at the end of the day gets his message across.

Magunga has really grown from when he used to write about Luo land. His writing has branched out and being a BAKE Award winner, he has definitely earned his right as one of Kenya’s best bloggers.

These are just some of the awesome creative blogs that we read every single day. Click here if you wish to read more amazing creative blogs.