Before and After, the Un-retouched Story

Something unusual is happening in malls around Nairobi!  Power Vibes Studio, specializing in weight-loss programmes, has recently opened its doors in Nairobi.  Just like the East African office of the international advertising agency TBWA.  Put the two newbies together, and a dynamic new promotional concept emerged.

Power Vibes Studio asked TBWA East Africa to create awareness for their new gym, and to convince people that their weight-loss strategies and special equipment could really build a difference in the physique and fitness of their potential clients. But they had to overcome the perception (even in Africa!) that all ads are retouched in Photoshop and therefore those images are no longer believable.

The solution that TBWA proposed was a real-life “Before & After” demonstration showing the dramatic difference between a healthy & fit person – and someone not quite so fit!  Two girls of quite different physiques were dressed identically and walked side-by-side through local shopping areas. As they passed, their T-shirts read “Before” and “After” on the back, with the “After” shirt carrying the gym logo and the slogan “build a difference”.  Surprised onlookers had a bit of a chuckle.  And quite a few of them asked for more information, with intentions of joining the programme.  See for yourself how they reacted by watching the video below: