Why Reading Poetry Can Improve Your Writing Skills

There’s absolutely no field in this world that someone ever walked alone and succeeded.

Even looking at the greatest veterans in most industries that we have you realize they all have or had someone who mentored them to who they are now. 

In content creation, the content in most cases can’t suffice all seasons. There are situations unmentioned like workload on a specific task that might render you short of content in no time. 

According to Penelope Trunk , poetry is beneficial to people who want to lead and manage because as a reader a reads through the pages, unlike fiction where on each page they open there’s  a fictional character that they ought to read to connect with, in poetry they interpret each line for deeper understanding of the world, themselves or others.    

Poetry is important for writers because it gives you enough data relevant to help the reader make decisions. The more you read, the more enlightened you become towards other things. 

Writers who read poetry are believed to develop great self-monitoring strategies that enhance their thinking process. Clare Morgan, the author of what poetry brings to business also mentions that poetry brings out creative capabilities to help executives keep their organizations entrepreneurial, find imaginative solutions and navigate moments when they cannot rely on data to make decisions.  

In blogging, content is king and you realize there are times you are really out of content however much you try. Assimilating poetry into your daily blogging can help you be constant with content creation through steady examples picked from poetry stories. 

As noted by Louis Menand, a New Yorker writer, he argues that poetry does not have a rightful place in the world. He adds that poetry can change lives and give us the ability to inspire others.  

In some circumstances, he adds, “the impact of poetry can be so great that a reader willingly classifies their life as before and after a fated reading.”

So, if poetry can change life then even the blogging industry can change because of it. 

Reading poetry develops creative skills and creative judgement that we need in daily blogging.

Every time we write it in a reader’s perspective is how they will interpret it, understand it and how they will view us the writers. Having a poetic background helps you connect with your audience. 

Through our writing, we aim at creating a good rapport with our audience by giving them content that will attract them over and over again. Poetry work in most cases helps us write this implausible content, for instance, new terminologies that we struggle with. 

Granted, in our daily blogging, through a poetry reading attitude, we learn to infuse words of beauty and meaning to others and will as well improve our blogging skills.