What is microblogging?

Ever heard of the term microblogging or met someone introduce him/herself as a microblogger?

Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging that allows users to create short messages to be shared with various audiences online.

Technical writer and Editor Alexender S. Gillis in his writeup define it as a short blog post designed for quick and typically direct audience interactions.

While microblogging is considered a broadcast medium just like a blog, on both platforms, content formats and dissemination differ. Microblogging makes it more convenient to communicate with people as authors can narrow the message into short conversations for more user interactions.

Posts are normally brief provided the user relays the message intended for his/her audience. So it’s basically as a quick way to communicate compared to blogging where we write long texts in a traditional blog post.

Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most common microblogging platforms which provide a quick way to share short posts.

Can a blogger microblog?

The answer is yes, microblogging and blogging are much more or less the same but can be either a microblogger or blogger and not miss on anything. Most bloggers micro-blog to share their content to a larger audience on their socials by sharing the content of their blogs in bits or short messages.

Benefits of microblogging

the biggest advantage of microblogs is that It takes less time to create a microblog and you can create as many as you can on different topics without going off-topic which is not possible with blogging.

Microblogs are perfect for product reviews, and families to share numerous content with friends or business professionals linking up to connect. Users are also able to share videos for instanceTikTok which is a famous microblogging platform for short videos or share style inspirations on Instagram and many more.

They also provide an easier way to share urgent and time-sensitive information. Tech startups and major banks in Kenya have adopted the mechanism to share information on Twitter and Facebook to reach their audience more faster when introducing new product offers and even interact with their customers with customized hashtags.

Here’s a recent tweet by Safaricom PLC on microblogging to reach out to its target audience in a previous campaign under the #NdotoZetuUwezoWetu initiative for communities.