A moment with Blogger Kennedy Odweyo: Blogging on Leadership and Governance

What does it feel like blogging on governance and Leadership?

We first met Blogger Kennedy Odweyo in one of our training on digital literacy and fake news and he has since been a solid source of news on leadership and governance his blog is kennedyodweyo.wordpress.com.

This week, we had a chance to have him talk about his blogging journey, political ambition, obsessions and dreams and we have them all in one thread.

Who is Kennedy Odweyo?

He is the founder of kennedyodweyo.wordpress.com blog and he passionately blogs on Politics, Leadership, Governance, Youth Development, Gender and Mental Health.

Odweyo Kennedy, other than being a Digital Content Creator, Publishing Writer and Author, is also a multifaceted Intellectual specializing in Political Economics, Strategy and Risk Analysis; Youth Empowerment, Community Development, Leadership, and Governance; a Freelance Management Scientist focusing on Business Process (Re)Engineering, Project Management, Research, Proposal & Report Writing; and a Technology Enthusiast who is passionate about Techpreneurship Digital Economics and Communication

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Management Science) graduate from The University of Nairobi’s School of Business; as well as holder of multiple certifications in Political Economics, Communication, Digital Economics & (Tech)Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Management, Leadership, Governance, Youth Empowerment and Gender from The City & Guilds of London Institute, Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI), Bloggers Association of Kenya ((BAKE), Amnesty International, among others.

Something intriguing about him is the confidence he oozes, he believes in himself 100 fold. He foresees himself as one of Kenya’s future presidents, a role many of us shy away from talking about.

Q: You could have been a teacher or a pilot or anything, what attracted/inspired you into blogging? 

First realised that above everything in this life, we only exist to learn and teach; that’s how we grow. As a content creator, you must be very well informed for you to inform others; and as a knowledge enthusiast, blogging puts me right at the centre of my dream of Educate to Empower,  Enlighten to Emancipate.

I have seen and lived through the ills in our society and felt the consequences of those ills, especially in politics, leadership, governance, as well as the gender, mental health and youth (non)development issues.

I felt the urge to boldly stand up and eloquently speak about these ills with a view to having them correctly; while also educating and enlightening the people on the same, and being a facilitator of the dream change that we all yearn for. 

We also asked him about his relationship with BAKE as a member and this is what he had to say

Q: You have been a BAKE member for some time, are there benefits you can pass down to someone interested to join BAKE today? 

 There are many training and capacity development opportunities; as well as very handsomely rewarding gigs.

Q: What does your blogging journey look like, what were your struggles and how did you manoeuvre to this end? 

This has been a  journey driven by passion, ambition, purpose and global humanitarian good meets no obstacle that can stop it.

I have managed to build a brand with a value that has seen me invited and sit on tables that I would only have dreamt of. 

Q: You could have written about anything, why this niche specifically?

As a community development & welfare advocate and political intellectual with deep interests in politics, leadership and governance, I love being involved in everything that revolves around politics because it’s the most critical aspect of our society, as critical as the oxygen in the water that we drink. My content is an autogeneration of that passion and a reflection of our society as it is today; because I speak and write about things that I see and feel in our everyday lives. 

Q: If you could sit down with someone starting blogging today, what will you tell him/her and why?

Be factual, data-driven, consistent and persistent. 

Q: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Human, Ambitious, Scientific 

Q: If you could time travel, where would you go?

Garden of Eden

Q: If you were not a blogger, what would you be instead? Do you have a day job?

I have an insatiable appetite and ruthless passion for acquiring and sharing knowledge; and any day, anytime I would choose content development over any other hustle under the sun; because when passion meets purpose, everything under the sun becomes movable.

Q: Of all the posts you have ever written, which one is your favourite and why?

My article about the 12th Parliament: The worst Bunge in the history of kenyaTHE 12TH PARLIAMENT: THE WORST BUNGE IN THE HISTORY OF KENYA https://kennedyodweyo.wordpress.com/2021/10/09/the-12th-parliament-the-worst-bunge-in-the-history-of-kenya/ .

It speaks to the main problem that has brought down our economy and country in the past 10 years, which is the captured, lazy and escapist legislature, and once fixed, will have fixed all our problems as a country. 

Q: What is the most difficult thing you ever had to do as a blogger?

Say the truth in a nice way to avoid looking disrespectful or offending some people.

Q: Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

Myself. Because I am the master of my destiny and the fate of my fate.

Q: Besides blogging, what else do you do? What is your obsession?

Farming, TV & Radio Commentary, Political Consultancy; as well as Leadership, Governance, and Community Development Advocacy. 

I am obsessed with ensuring that we have food sovereignty as a nation; as well as having a constitutionally compliant, common sensual, sane, and people-centred political environment and leadership in Kenya

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Nobody wins without losing something, and nobody loses without winning something. Just look out for your unique win in every battle.

Q: What lessons have you learned the most from your blogging journey and where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time.  

Kenyans don’t like the truth, or when the truth is said as it should be said.

I see myself as a top content creator and commentator in Kenya, as well as a resident columnist in our Daily Newspapers.

Q: Is there a quote/mantra you live by?

Believe, Behave, Become.

Focus on the objectives, not obstacles. 

You can find Kennedy on Twitter at https://twitter.com/OdweyoKennedyMP, Facebook: at https://m.facebook.com/OdweyoKennedyMP and YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCyA5OuncZPFwpZRovx5wMUA or subscribe on his blog: https://kennedyodweyo.wordpress.com/