5 blogging mistakes we should avoid in 2022

Like anybody else starting a new job, messing up is inevitable. You have to get time to learn the basics and make mistakes while at it as you perfect. Blogging also works that way, you perfect with time.

A number of content creators who hobby-blog don’t give much consideration to blogging protocols like identifying the right target audience or choosing a writing style that fits their audience. Some write about anything and everything without identifying a niche. If not rectified, these are some of the drawbacks that make our blogs stagnate.

In this article, we will look at some of the mistakes you can avoid while blogging to give your blog a chance to rank better on Google.

They include:

Selecting bad hosting

Another common mistake new bloggers make is selecting a bad hosting company.

Hosting companies allow your blog to go live. Without a host, your blog wont be public. there are thousands of hosts offering competitive rates but you still need to be careful when selecting one.

Besides being affordable, you need a reputable hosting company that offers good speeds, security and support for your blog.

Choosing a complex domain and name for your blog

Blogging is much more like creating a business, having an easy-to-read, or even remember type of domain will make it easy for people to find your blog.

You can always change your domain name but getting it right from the very first day gives it an advantage. Nobody is going to trust a brand that rebrands after two months of launching.

Picking the wrong niche

When you start blogging, you should identify a topic that you have a personal interest in and develop your content around that.

Some of the most common mistakes we do is picking a niche because it’s profitable without a full understanding of how to get things going.

Blog Ryrob puts it this way, ” Your brain won’t creatively think of new blog post ideas for your site if the niche is boring to you”

Telling your personality instead of showing it

While it feels so good to tell a story that really relates to your personality, your audience may not be so much interested in your personal information especially when you are new. At this stage, people just want to read and leave and they don’t really care how you feel or how you think they’ll feel.

You can infuse your personality bit by bit or in some parts of the conversation to make them feel more comfortable.

Not identifying what resonates with your audience

If you want your blog content to perform well, make sure it reasonates with your audience.

The biggest mistake we do while creating content is thinking it will perform without considering the actions we want them to take.