Tribute to our colleague and friend, Monica Ng’ang’a

Monica Ng’ang’a joined BAKE on 1st November 2016 and it was immediately apparent to the team that she was someone special. The team needed an accountant at the time but we got more than we were looking for. We got a kind spirit, a loving soul, and a genuinely honest person. She quickly became a personal friend to most members of the team and an individual accountant to many in our community. In the content creation community, she was the go-to person when you suddenly realized that you have not done the KRA returns and the deadline was the following day. Monica would help with a smile and without blinking.

She was passionate about her work and through her unique skills, BAKE was able to build a robust finance department. She later on took over the role of Administration Manager and that’s why I used to say whenever I was asked about her role in BAKE that Monica is BAKE and BAKE is Monica. She was able to seamlessly work with all people from different backgrounds and expectations, ranging from Government officials, Private sector executives, NGOs and more importantly, the content creation community.

Monica’s life was cut short through an accident caused by a rogue bus driver making a reckless U-turn on a highway. At this point we must ask questions to the Government and the Government agencies in charge of our roads and the safety of the citizens. NTSA (The National Transport and Safety Authority) has been reduced to sharing with the public, statistics of road accidents and those who have lost their lives. Those numbers represent painful memories for many Kenyans across the country. And as was noted by Alaxander Chegema in the Standard Newspaper over six years ago “By failing to enforce laws that they come up with regularly, NTSA, by its lethargy, is complicit in the many accidents that occur.” We call on the Government, the Police and, in particular NTSA, to live up to its mandate of ensuring safety on our roads.

To the family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. This is particularly a difficult and painful time for Monica’s young family. In extending to them our heartfelt condolences, we wish them courage and strength to bear this irreparable loss.

May Monica Ng’ang’a rest in power. Until we meet again.